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Hi I'm Karen and I welcome you to my tranquil and intimate wellness studio in the heart of Daylesford. Anutara specialises in holistic modalities designed to relax, realign and reconnect you to your soul and natural flow. With refined expertise, caring touch and professional knowledge, all sessions are tailored to individual needs to support your highest growth and wellbeing.

These treatments are highly energetic and perfectly suited for people on the journey of self love.


Autumn Specials

My wellbeing packages this autumn are focused on inner alchemy and soul alignment.
 Dimensional kinesiology, intuitive bodywork sessions, blissful organic facials and energy healing to connect and harmonise your mind, body and spirit.
Align with your soul and allow your highest self to emerge and flow. 


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Your whole being is nurtured as your mind, body and soul are aligned to your highest wellbeing in this holistic session

30 min Head, Neck & Back Massage
30 min Anutara Organic Facial
30 min Energy Healing with AuraSoma


Stressed to Blessed
If you're overworked, endlessly busy and cant switch off, this is the ultimate stress buster to soothe your cares and melt your concerns. BLISS factor is high
60 min Full Body Massage
(with Head, 
Face & Hands)
30 min Energy Healing
 with AuraSoma


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Upgrade to deep tissue $20, pregnancy massage $10
magnesium massage $10 or hot stone massage $5

30min energic healing session to connect you to the light of your own soul and the new planetary consciousness
60min sessions include questions and answers guided by your soul

Dimensional Kinesiology
The gentle art of muscle reflex testing to access information about your wellbeing within the whole mind-body system. Muscle monitoring accesses the subconscious, also known as the human bio-computer, where physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances are stored. Kinesiology works with the body's innate healing intelligence and combines wisdom from the east and west to restore equilibrium and harmony. If you love Aura Soma, crystals, tuning forks, energy work, essential oils, magnesium, flower essences, homeopathy, spirit cards, nature's remedies, chromatherapy, TCM and much more, then this deeply insightful and healing modality is for you.
$190 - 90min

The best way to contact me is to send an online enquiry found on the CONTACT US page. Alternatively, you can send an email, call or text.
All enquiries welcome

First Floor - 57 Vincent Street, Daylesford

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0423 133 443  

Open Hours

10:00am - 6:00pm    
Friday to Monday (or by arrangement)

Advance bookings are required as preferred times and availability are not guaranteed.

Treatments are for single sessions. No couples or group bookings can be accommodated.


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