Wellbeing Services

Restorative and intuitive healing remedies for complete wellbeing 

All massage treatments include aromatic hot towel therapy


Fresh Feet - Add a lemongrass and ginger foot bath, Himalayan salt scrub and uplifting moisturising foot massage to any treatment. The ultimate refresher for tired feet.     

15 min  -  $ 35

$20 surcharge per person applies to mobile services

Pots of clay and salt for body scrub and wrap

Our detoxifying and hydrating body balance treatment begins with a vigorous, herbal pink salt exfoliation to remove dead cells and increase circulation and skin cell production. Once a new layer of glowing, healthy skin is revealed, a mineral-infused white clay is applied to remove excess water, dirt and toxins as your skin tones, tightens and conditions. After rinsing, relax deeper into a full body massage as your skin is hydrated and nourished with a protective moisturiser. This is next level bliss. 

90 min  -  $200

Magnesium Repenish - Add a magnesium foot bath, Himalayan salt scrub and magnesium oil foot massage to any treatment. Transdermal application of magnesium has been found to be more efficient and may help to keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and heart rhythm steady. Replenish your magnesium and reap the numerous benefits of this essential mineral.    

30 min  -  $ 75

serene lady with white clay being applied to face with applicator brush

Look good, feel good with our luxurious and hydrating aromatherapy facial. Anutara Botanics are nature's pure skin food with wild harvested native extracts. Organic, vegan, and Australian made with love, our bespoke skin care range is free from harmful chemicals and animal cruelty. Our facial is a heavenly infusion of superfoods and aromatherapy to nourish and revitalise your skin. Suitable for men and women of all ages. Love the skin you're in, you're worth it. 

30 min  -   $ 80

45 min -  $105    

60 min -  $130

healing hand on the heart and third eye of woman with eyes closed
two hands applying pressure to points on sole of feet
three suction cups on a ladies back and fourth cup being applied
woman laying on her side relaxed with therapist placing an ear candle to her ear
nurturing hands touching a foot

Dissolve into deep peace and serenity as spiritually guided life force energy melts away your stress, pain and discomfort. This hands-on-healing modality balances and harmonises your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to promote wellbeing, calm and an inner sense of security. Pure and loving nourishment for your whole being.

45 min  -  $100    

60 min  -  $120

90 min  -  $160

Rejuvenate your tired, achy feet and whole body in this merging of ancient Chinese trigger point and modern zone therapy treatment, combined with soothing massage techniques. The body's own natural healing process is stimulated through applied pressure to reflex points, energetically connected to various body structures, glands and organs.  

45 min  -  $100     

Acupressure and cupping treatment (static or massage) to promote holistic wellness. Based on ancient oriental belief that illness can be sucked out of the body, a selection of depressurised cups are placed on meridians to ease pain, eliminate stasis, activate the lymphatic system, promote blood flow, release toxins, aid respiratory ailments and repair deep tissue. (To ensure your comfort we do not use glass cups or flames)   

45 min - $ 100

60 min  -  $120     


A soothing combination of heat and suction applied to the ears to help soften and draw out wax and impurities. Candling may relieve symptoms associated with earache, headaches, allergies, sinus problems, and improve hearing, smell and taste. Sink into serenity as the candling benefits are supported by head and neck massage. 

45 min  -  $100

60 min  -  $120   

A delightful treatment to revive tired, sore feet. Begin with a relaxing head massage whilst your feet soak in an aromatherapy and magnesium foot bath, followed by a lemon myrtle and mint Himalayan salt scrub, a cleansing white clay mask, and a moisturising massage. Your feet will feel fabulously alive again.

 60 min  -  $120

A soothing and slow, intuitive massage to gently dissolve stress. Feel a sense of deep calm and relaxation as your energy pathways open and flow in this ultimate release. Enter into bliss as we finish with a head and scalp massage to still your mind. The perfect antidote for busy lifestyles.

A deep therapeutic massage to treat sore and tight muscles, chronic pain and problem areas. Trigger point, Swedish, acupressure and oriental techniques are combined with deep breathing to release knots, oxygenate the blood and increase circulation. 

45 min  -  $ 90

60 min  -  $ 110

75 min  -  $ 135

90 min  -  $155

45 min  -  $ 120

60 min  -  $ 140

75 min  -  $ 170

90 min  -  $190  

The highest quality organic magnesium oil is infused with an aromatherapy essential oil blend designed by Anutara to alleviate pain associated with inflammation of joints and muscles. When absorbed through the skin, magnesium more effectively uptakes into cells, tissues, organs and the bloodstream, and may promote better sleep and heart health, whilst aiding the relief of migraines, restless leg and muscle spasms. 

Man laying down having his shoulder massaged
magnesium flakes and bottle of magnesium oil

Firmer than a relaxation massage and not as strong as a deep tissue massage, the DeepLax releases tight, achy muscles and also induces a state of relaxation. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Anutara's signature massage and most popular treatment.

45 min  -  $ 100

60 min  -  $ 120

75 min  -  $ 150

90 min  -  $170

45 min  -  $ 100

60 min  -  $ 120

75 min  -  $ 150

90 min  -  $170

woman laying down having a neck massage
woman's shoulder being massaged
tower of hot stones for massage piled on top of each other

Melt away stress and tension as heated basalt stones, made from volcanic rock, deeply penetrate and soothe tight muscles and soft tissue. This hot stone massage aids the increase of blood flow, encourages circulation, reduces stress and anxiety, eases insomnia and invigorates the whole immune system.  

45 min  -  $ 100

60 min  -  $ 120

75 min  -  $ 150

90 min  -  $170

Maternity massage. Woman laying on massage bed with therapist's hands on her head

This nurturing massage helps to ease shoulder, neck, back, hip, leg and abdominal tension, encourages blood flow, and lowers stress hormones. Improved mood, lowered anxiety and better sleep are also promoted. To ensure your comfort, we use different sized pregnancy pillows which allow you to lay on your stomach, or side if preferred. Relieve common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and feel good in your changing body.

45 min  -  $ 110

60 min  -  $ 130

75 min  -  $ 160

90 min  -  $180

Woman laying on stomach with hands massaging a scrub into her back

Keep your skin healthy and radiant with our carefully crafted lemon myrtle and mint body scrub to stimulate your circulation and lift away dirt and excess oil. After rinsing, your skin is rehydrated with a moisturising body butter and full body massage to get your ultimate bliss on.

90 min  -  $180

Wellbeing Packages

90 min  -  $190    

1 3/4 hrs  -  $220    

2.5 hrs  -  $300    

Elysium is the abode of perfect bliss. We invite you to this restful space to rekindle your wellbeing with our popular 60 min DeepLax or Relaxation Massage and nurturing 30 min Anutara Botanics  Organic Facial.

Discover your inner Zen with this calming therapeutic treatment designed to enrich your body, mind and soul. Relax and unwind with our favourite 45 min DeepLax (or Relaxation) Massage, quiet the mind with our refreshing 45 min Anutara Botanics Organic Facial, and replenish your energy with a 15 min Fresh Feet. You deserve a little pampering now and zen.

Allow time to stand still, stress to fade and pain and discomfort to soften as you enter into samadhi, a state of pure bliss and relaxation. This journey nurtures you with a 60 min DeepLax (or Relaxation) Massage, 45 min Anutara Botanics Organic Facial, 
15 min Fresh Feet and 30 min Reiki Healing to anchor you in heavenly wellbeing.

nurturing hands gently holding a beautiful ladies face
close up of meditating hands in mudra position as person sits crossed legged
close up view from top of head of serene lady laying down
close up of serene man with eyes closed and therapist's hand gently touching his temples

Experience your divinity with a 60min Deeplax massage with hot stones, followed by a blissful 30min Magnesium Replenish feet treatment, 45min Anutara Botanics organic facial and 45min Reiki or Vibrational Healing. Be pampered from head to toe with this holistic treatment. A perfect winter warmer.

3 hrs  $350


Serene woman laying down with eyes closed. Her head is being massaged.

For the ultimate experience in wellbeing, Anutara Nirvana will transport you into a timeless realm of relaxation and bliss. Feel all earthly stress and worry dissolve with a 45min Body Bliss scrub followed by our 45min signature DeepLax massage, 15min Fresh Feet and soothing 30min Ear Candling. In this heavenly state, we invite you to enjoy a 15min break for a herbal tea or cool refreshment before returning to nirvana for your 45min Anutara Botanics organic facial. Anchor the entire therapeutic treatment with a healing 45min Reiki session before re-entering the world in a transcendent state, feeling free, light, renewed and relaxed.  

4hrs $440


All wellbeing packages can be upgraded to include deep tissue massage for a $20 surcharge. 

Wellbeing packages may also be modified to suit individual preferences


Specialty Services

healers hands embracing a person's closed hands

An intuitively guided transmission connecting you to Source energy and alignment to the Presence of your higher Self. Tailored to personal needs, this deeply insightful session uses intense energy work, and can include counselling, kinesiology, past life regression, spiritual teachings, self-inquiry and messages from the spirit realm.

60 min  -  $120 

palms of hands are open and receiving energy

An integrated, vibrational alignment session tailored to individual needs. Specialising in trauma-informed care, strengths-based approaches and empowerment practices supported by energetic healing. The therapeutic relationship holds space for your journey of deep inner work through self-enquiry and self-care to assist in navigating trauma, core wounds, destructive patterns and other life challenges. This therapeutic session can assist with mental and emotional health problems such as depression, anxiety, crisis, PTSD, substance misuse, relationship problems, existential crisis, etc. This service is non-judgmental, strictly confidential and open to people of all ages, race, culture, sexuality and ability.

60 min  -  $120


*for concession and pension card

holders please enquire directly for rates  

crystal healing grid overlayed on the seed of life

Crystals are a mystical manifestation of the earth's subtle energy, with unique metaphysical properties that support connection to your essential self. As conduits of energy, crystals interact with your electromagnetic field and energetic pathways, which help to clear and realign emotional, physical and mental imbalances. According to your needs, crystals are placed on your chakras, meridians and around your body to create a vibrational field. Disclaimer: deep relaxation and states of spaced out bliss are highly probable. 

45 min  -  $ 100

60 min  -  $ 120

To avoid disappointment due to unavailability, bookings in advance are required for specialty services

Specialty services are offered in-house only

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